Monday, September 7, 2015

The Man in Space: A Comedy of New Fatherhood #ASMSG

The Man in Space:

 A Comedy of New Fatherhood

  by Steven Hardesty

Oz is a clueless, sexist jerk who ought to be shot into space and forgotten except he is about to become a father.

He is so terrified of the idea that he wants to run away and hide. But he stumbles, sometimes drunkenly, into a London obstetrician who hates babies, a Frenchman who believes champagne was invented solely to cheer each birth, a woman lawyer who wants Oz to grow up quicker than he is willing, and a couple who live inside a cloud of cigarette smoke and want something from Oz and maybe it is his not-yet-born baby. Raw and selfish and confused, unready, unwilling, desperate to escape what is about to happen to him, Oz suddenly and surprisingly discovers his own heart.


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