Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Luna Deception: A Space Colonization Thriller (The Solarian War Saga Book 4) #ASMSG

The Luna Deception: A Space Colonization Thriller (The Solarian War Saga Book 4)

By Felix R Savage 

A timid data analyst. A Martian machine collective that threatens humanity's survival. Who said geeks can't fight?

John Mendoza survived the Vesta conspiracy by quick thinking, although thousands of others died. Back at his day job, he's recruited by a group of rich visionaries to fight the genocidal enemy of humanity. But soon he discovers a seamy underside to the plot. His employers are targeting Mercury for its rich resources … and the woman Mendoza loves, Elfrida Goto, is there.
Mendoza risks his life to rescue Elfrida, but their relationship buckles as he's sucked into the struggle for the soul of humanity. The plotters intend to wage war on Mars, where humanity’s nemesis has its stronghold. And they have a new use for Mendoza. But there’s a fatal flaw in their plans. Will quick thinking save Mendoza again … or are he and Elfrida doomed to perish in another atrocious act of genocide?
The Luna Deception raises the curtain on Volume II of The Solarian War Saga, a series of thrilling space colonization adventures sparkling with humor. If you enjoy mile-a-minute action, nonstop jokes, and hair-raising speculation, then you'll love Felix R. Savage's all-too-plausible vision of our interplanetary future. Fans of Neal Stephenson, Iain M. Banks, and James S.A. Corey are praising this new series of chilling and witty space opera thrillers.

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