Sunday, July 23, 2017

99¢ / Kindle Unlimited New Best Selling Western Romance by Kathleen Ball

Here's the thing- my book is #146 in all of Amazon Land. I'd so love to get to #100 and be on the top 100 list- not just in romance but in all books on Amazon. The book is 99¢ and on Kindle Unlimited. If I could get some shares on this post I'd appreciate it!!

99¢/ Kindle Unlimited

99¢/ Kindle Unlimited
Amelia is a young lady with a limp who is discarded by her family along the Oregon Trail. Eli is the wagon train leader. Can he convince Amelia she is deserving of love? 

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  1. Just wondering if you are going to write a book #3 in the "Oregon Trail Dreamin Book" Seires? I have already read 1 and 2, and there is a lot of lose ends that need to be addressed.