Monday, April 18, 2016

Grant me the Moon by Caroline Clemmons featured in Come Love A Cowboy Boxed Set 99cents #ASMSG #CLAC




All Tory Fraser intended was to show her high school history club students a local archeology dig. How could she know the excursion would involve a murder? Or that one of her students would be suspected as the killer? And she had no idea she would meet the man of her dreams.

Grant Grayson has taken over management of Grayson Ranch near Post, Texas to give his grandfather a less arduous schedule. A flash flood washed away an old talus slope on the ranch to reveal a prehistoric cave that is a Clovis site. Being a good citizen, he invited the nearest large university archaeology department to excavate the cave. When a gorgeous blonde high school teacher asks his permission to take her students to the site, how can he deny her? Especially when he is instantly attracted to her as he’s never been to anyone.

Tory and Grant are drawn in to the investigation to clear her student but unintentionally make themselves a target. Now they must evade the killer to celebrate their new found love.

Come Love a Cowboy
Contemporary Western Romance Anthology
8 Books 99Cents 

 Kathleen Ball, Caroline Clemmons, Patti Sherry-Crews, Julie A. D’Arcy, Keta Diablo, 
Andrea Downing, Hebby Roman & Margo Bond Collins


  1. Was so happy to work with you both. thanks for an exciting ride!

  2. I loved this story! Like so many of the stories,it's not what you expect. I loved reading about the archaeology, and I didn't know about Post, TX. before reading Grant Me the Moon.
    It's been an honor working with all the ladies on this anthology.

  3. Howdy Kathleen and Caroline!

    So nice to visit your blog, Kathleen.

    thanks so much for sharing Caroline's story GRANT ME THE MOON with the world (Internet), and thanks for putting up our lovely cover for Come Love A Cowboy,

    Best, Keta

  4. Kathleen, thank you for sharing your lovely blog with me!

  5. Thank you to both Kathleen and Caroline. It's a joy to work with you and I loved all the stories. Appreciate Kathleen hosting Caroline and our anthology.