Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Release! Keegan's Bride by Kathleen Ball #ASMSG #IARTG Kindle Unlimited

It's Release Day!! 

Keegan's Bride is now available on Amazon               


Kindle Unlimited


Keegan Quinn watches the passengers disembark wondering where his mail order bride is. All he sees is a woman with a husband and child. Upon approaching the young woman, he discovers she is his bride, and she has a daughter she never mentioned. As they cross the street, the little girl screams for her daddy and points to the man who accompanied them on the stage.
Rancher Keegan Quinn is furious. The married woman swindled him into paying passage for her and her child. It was fool hardy to think a mail order bride would want him. He rides out of town as fast as he can, vowing never to look back. It’s a loco dream to think he can have a family while constantly looking over his shoulder.
Addy has no idea why Peg calls the new sheriff daddy. It cost her, Keegan, the man she hoped to make a life with. She has many secrets, but the sheriff is not one of them. She needs Keegan to keep her safe from her past in Boston. Once he learns the truth, he’ll send her back, but it’s a chance she’s willing to take.
Can two people who have so much love to give, realize they actually love each other?  


Tears filled her eyes. “I didn’t know what you’d do when we both showed up.”
“You’re here now. It’ll be fine. Here let me take her.” He eased the baby out of Addy’s arms and held her close. “What’s her name?”
A terrible shriek filled the air as Peg woke up. Startled he almost dropped her. She looked wildly around until she saw the man from the stagecoach. She pointed and yelled, “Daddy!”
The world slowed as Keegan turned toward the man, only to have Peg shriek yet again. Something wasn’t right and he wasn’t about to be fleeced of all his hard earned money. “Hey, Mister, come get your child.” He put Peg back into Addy’s arms and walked away. He hurried best he could to his horse, mounted and headed out of town. He didn’t look back.
The longer he rode, the madder he got. He pulled lightly on the reins and slowed his horse, Strike to a stop. It would be one thing if only the woman was involved in cheating him, but the man with her needed to take a few lumps for his part. Keegan had worked too long and too hard to allow anyone to cheat him. Damn! What was he supposed to do now?
“The hell with it!” he yelled into the hot, dry Texas wind. He didn’t need complications. Right now he had cattle to take care of and it wasn’t easy starting a ranch alone. He’d been on his own too long.


Kindle Unlimited

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