Friday, August 21, 2015

The Impossible Victory --New Release #ASMSG

The Impossible Victory 

by Cameron Huntley

The fiefdoms of Visendrea have long suffered under the cruel regime of King Tyus and his fellow deities, who crossed the Northern Sea centuries past and brought the land to its knees. But none have tasted the lash of Tyus's rage more than the Mudbarks, for the Mudbarks defied Tyus to the bitter end, and he has never forgotten it.
So when the vicious Prince Mylandria lays claim to Selena Mudbark, twin sister of renowned knight Adam Mudbark, the entire realm from royalty to peasantry assume it will be just another humiliation borne by the most denigrated House in Visendrea.

But Adam Mudbark is not his forebears. He has a different idea.

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