Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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Looking for some Action and Adventure Novels Set in Outback and Wilderness Australia?

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To Kill for a Ghost: Book 1: To Kill Series


Book 1 and introduction to the To Kill Series.

Series order: Book 1: To Kill for a Ghost. Book 2: To Kill or Escape. Book 3: To Kill for a Dream. Book 4: To Kill in Storm. Book 5: To Kill for Land. Book 6: Courage to Kill. Book 7: To Kill in Fire.

A ghost may be heard if you walk by that billabong. Parents of lonely children be warned. Harry’s imaginary friend was real—well, she was to him.

To become the cattle king wasn’t a goal that Harry could easily accomplish, but the seven-year-old had that something extra that only neglected children would fully understand. He’d practiced for a year, since the day his sister Emily, the contender for his mother’s attention, was born. His tin soldier would storm the toy Fife Downs Cattle Station and take the male heirs of the property prisoners. He would make Mummy the cattle queen, and then she would have time to love him. It was just a child’s game—or was it? 

Grandpa, Alan Fife, had his mystery friend too. His goals were for his teenage sweetheart Charlotte to find peace, settle the vengeance crimes that escalated when she was murdered beside the billabong decades earlier, and to leave before Alan's grandchildren became victims of payback.

But were the children already involved? This is a coming-of-age novel that at times becomes a psychological thriller.

BONUS: Back of book Glossary of Australian Words.

With the word billabong = waterhole, in the publisher's name, you will know that this book contains Australian words, e.g. station = ranch.

BONUS: Sample Chapters.

Included in this eBook is a three chapter excerpt from TO KILL OR ESCAPE, book 2 in the TO KILL Series.

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