Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Feathered Virgin (The Harry Seaburn Series Book 1) by Steven Hardesty #ASMSG #IARTG

The Feathered Virgin (The Harry Seaburn Series Book 1) By Steven Hardesty

 Harry Seaburn, young, reckless and a thief scrambling for a fortune in counterfeit modern art on the fringes of a great criminal syndicate in Miami that threatens to crush him as unwanted competition, wants nothing more than to find a good woman, anybody’s good woman, but he robs and shoots people and what good woman could want him?

The Miami syndicate wants his head. Every beautiful woman is a femme fatale. And Harry can survive only if he creates a giant Ponzi scheme of crimes that includes blowing up a cargo of old money meant for the U.S. Treasury, raiding a floating art gallery adrift in a sea full of sharks to sell on millions of dollars in fake art, double-crossing his own crew of thieves furiously scheming to double-cross him, and taking revenge for the murder of the most beautiful woman in the world not meant for Harry. Along the way, the Cuban mafia, a little girl with a pygmy circus elephant and a fabulous stripper – The Feathered Virgin – shove him toward a different kind of fortune and a hot new brand of crime.

This is the first in the seven-novel series of Harry’s adventures after fortune, love and just trying to keep alive. Each novel is a standalone but read in sequence they track Harry’s criminal career to its wild and surprising conclusion on the shores of the Everglades.

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