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Announcing My New Release

Cinders' Bride

Mail Order Brides of Texas

by Kathleen Ball

Shannon McMurphy travels to Asherville, Texas as a mail order bride expecting to marry a rancher. Instead, her intended is a saloonkeeper. Her refusal to marry enrages John Hardy and he slices her cheek with a knife so no other man would want her. She runs into the street and no one helps her until Cinders comes along.

Sexy, Rancher Cinders saves Shannon and offers her a job. To protect her reputation he marries her. They both agree it’s a marriage of convenience. He admires her spunk and willingness to learn everything about surviving the Texas frontier. He waits for her to ask to go home but she never does.

They learn a lot about each other through, stolen horses, Indian troubles, a cattle drive and the busybodies of the town. Their attraction for each other grows, but can they learn to trust enough to love?



Patting Shannon’s hand Edith shook her head. “No, honey, John doesn’t own a ranch. Oh my, what did you say your name was?”
Her stomach knotted and she felt the blood drain from her face. He didn’t own a ranch? He deceived her. “Mrs. Mathers my name is Shannon. What do you mean? Do you know where he is? I’d like to talk to him.”
“He’s at the saloon. He owns it.”
Shannon jumped up. “Is it all right if I leave my bag with you? It appears I have something to straighten out.”
Edith nodded. “Of course.”
Seeing something akin to pity as she passed by the other customers, she lifted her chin and straightened her back as she marched down the walk to the saloon. The scarred, wooden, swinging doors intimidated her. They were imposing as she stood gazing at them trying to gather her courage. A saloon? There had to be a mistake.
The clinking glasses and roars of laughter stopped the moment she stepped through the doors. She didn’t care if they gawked at her, she had to locate Mr. Hardy and get an explanation.
“It’s not often we get a pretty little thing like you entering my place.”
Her heart dropped when she set eyes on the speaker. She studied the rotund man with dirty, greasy, dark hair and the look of the devil in his eyes.
“Are you John Hardy? The John Hardy who proposed marriage to me?” She held her breath wishing for him to say no.
“You must be my Shannon.” He smiled showing the lack of bottom teeth. He stepped in front of her and peered her up and down, his gaze lingering on her breasts. Putting his arm around her waist, he turned so they were both facing the rag tag bunch in the saloon. “What do you think fellas? A new one to add to my little doves?”
The crowd cheered as she tried to loosen his bruising grip. “Now look here, you disgusting liar! You misrepresented yourself. I’m not marrying you or becoming one of your little doves. I’m sure I can find another groom much better than you.” She wrenched free from him.
“Better than me?” he snorted, his voice full of anger.
“Not better than you, I meant someone more suited to me is all.” Glancing out of the corner of her eye, she could tell he wasn’t buying it.
“Are you refusing to marry me?” His body tensed and his eyes narrowed as he grabbed her arm again.
Without thinking, she nodded. The back of his hand flew at her face and sent her crashing into the wall. She stumbled and lunged for the door, but John grabbed her by the hair and led her to the bar. With his elbow, he pinned her head to the countertop as he yanked her hair, forcing her to face him. Quickly she lunged for the door, but John grabbed her by her hair and led her to the bar pinning the side of her face to the top.
Fear paralyzed her and she couldn't move or breathe as John slid the knife blade across her face. The throbbing pain made her scream as he threw her out the doors and onto the dirty street.
John followed and laughed as she wiped the blood from her split lips. “No one will want you now. You might as well get inside before everyone sees how hideous you are.”
Reaching up she touched her throbbing painful cheek and felt the blood before she brought her hand in front of her to confirm it. He’d slashed her face with the knife. The pain almost blinded her as spots crowded her eyes, but she held on. “I’d rather be dead than be with you.” Her voice trembled as she tried to put on a brave front.
John growled and stepped closer. “I can arrange that for you.” His dark eyes flashed at her and she saw such darkness in his eyes that she truly believed him capable of killing.
The world seemed eerily quiet as she pushed herself up from the hard packed dirt, only to fall back down. Her ankle hurt. Tears filled her eyes, as she glanced around. There stood the women from the mercantile, staring, and their eyes full of terror. She’d get no assistance from them.
John Hardy strutted into the street and laughed while he gestured for two of his men to pick her up. “Come on, honey, it’s time for our honeymoon.”
She heard the clomping of hooves and the turn of wagon wheels behind her but the wagon didn’t stop to help her either. By this time, a crowd had gathered and now there were men standing with the group of women. She tried to plead for help with her eyes but they glanced away.
Two men grabbed at her to haul her back into the saloon when a loud cocking of a gun erupted from behind.
“Put her down.” A man's voice threatened.
John stepped forward, thrusting out his chest. “Listen, Cinders, this is none of your business. It’d be in your best interest to leave things be.”
The world began to dim and spin, the smell of blood was the last straw. She fainted.




  1. I can't get over what a great cover for Cinders!

  2. I can't get over what a great cover for Cinders!