Friday, July 17, 2015

Essays Life Work Be Myself by Megumi Mutsuki #ASMSG #IARTG

Essays Life Work- Be Myself 

by Megumi Mutsuki

A 37-year-old author Mutuski Megumi unveils the essays about life and work. She writes about various fields such as education and employment from a keen perspective, giving you advice. 

◇Excerpts from this Essays◇

All of us have ever had trouble developing a good relationship with others for some reason. That is possibly because they were the people from unfamiliar generation, type, district or background. They might say the same thing.

I sometimes think I want to make friends with coworkers because we have a company trip once a year.
The trip helps to strengthen the unity among employees.

Both teachers and students are advised to participate in hearing, counseling and workshops regularly. If both of them observe their current circumstances and make a modification, they can build a good relationship. 

Happiness is right before you.
Happiness comes from your family, life habits, basic things and integrity.

It is suggested that you should consciously imagine rivals in the same market, the same industry sector, the same type of business or the same social rank.

Let's regard a company as a breathing organization.
Societies and companies are dependent on social situations or people's feelings.
Viewing a company as a fluid and breathing organization can guide the company in the right direction.

Looking back on the history, we realize that people placed much value on appearances,
as shown in Western European castles, the stone wall of Japanese castles, the clothes of royal family or noble, samurai's attire and the gorgeous paintings in medieval Western Europe.
The people overwhelmed enemies by showing the national power.

Brain is a huge organ that consumes a great deal of energy.
Therefore, some types of people, such as mental workers, person with analog brain, people with rich imagination and sophisticated people, can't avoid getting tired easily.
Let's pursue the dream and career which enable you to make full use of your characteristics.

Whether you can fulfill your dream or not depends on whether you are truly committed to the dream or not.

The couple who respect each other can live a successful marriage life.

Your partner should be a friendly and reliable person who inspires you to be together forever.

Couples like friends are also good. 

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  1. I like her concepts, especially that basic things bring happiness and the company as a breathing organization.