Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lustmord: Anatomy of a Serial Butcher: The Complete Series/Boxed Set by Kirk Alex #ASMSG

Lustmord: Anatomy of a Serial Butcher: The Complete Series/Boxed Set by Kirk Alex

ONLY 99cents

"The ultimate 'Rabbit Hole' of madness..."

"The most disturbing book I've ever read."

"Horror at its best."

"If you plan on reading this you better have a strong stomach and a good sense of humor."

"Sleep with the light on."


“Ho ain’t gonna be able to take it like Pimple,” suggested Marvin. “That damn Norbert be like one of them grizzly bear. Can take a lot. This here ho don’t look like she can take it.”  

“She’ll take it,” said Biggs. “Or she’ll die taking it.” He had the cord untangled. Held the raw ends in his left hand. Re-holstered the Magnum. “Drag her ass over to the pit,” said Biggs. Marvin did his best, tugging on the chains. The woman fought him, resisting. He had no choice but to literally drag her over and dump her in.

Biggs ordered him to run the free ends of the chains through holes in the door. Once this was accomplished, the door was closed over the pit. Biggs was on hands and knees. Held a wire in each hand.
It was a matter of selecting the right holes to slip the wires through. It was a good thing he’d made the holes the size of a large coin and easy enough to see where the wires were going as he peeked through yet a third hole. With his left hand, he drove the wire through and down into the water, with his right he was at the other end of the door, slipping the wire in in order to have it connect to the collar on her neck. 

And all this he watched while peering through a hole somewhere in the center. Well, this took a degree of skill. The wire in the water was no big feat; it was the other that usually proved a challenge, because the victims, the bright ones, got the idea to duck under, and trying to connect the wire to the collar was not easy. He kept his eye glued to the hole in the door to see exactly where he was. If she attempted to submerge, he would have Marvin yank on the chains to pull her out, for if the wire in his right hand touched the water itself it could mean short-circuiting the entire electrical system. Wouldn’t want that. Had the same concerns when Norbert was buzzed. Sure, Big Tex might be able to repair the damage, but why go to the hassle if one were able to prevent it? He’d had it happen to him once or twice in the past. What a bitch. Live and learn. Caution was the way to go. He kept his eye down against the hole, while poking around with the wire that he held in his right hand, guiding it. Touched the collar just enough to witness the resulting sparks. The sparks, although never great, were usually enough to cause a tingle in his nuts; it was akin to burning flies and spiders as a young firebug. Gave him wood. Something like when Juicer Joe sledged his pet Rottie to death, or even when the truck plowed into his Mama. No denying it. You could try, but it would be a less-than-honest way to go through life. 

Sparks were all right. Sparks, and a trapped heifer with no place to hide. 

For mature audiences.

Get you copy now!!

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