Monday, June 15, 2015

Alpha Billionaire's Bride By Mia Caldwell #ASMSG #IARTG 99cents

 Alpha Billionaire's Bride By Mia Caldwell

Only 99Cents

Part One out of Four -- a fun, new romance serial. Serial is now complete! Definitely contains a cliffhanger.

Billionaires don’t date real women like Jada ... they marry them.

Jada Howarth doesn’t believe in fantasies, unlike her sister who dreams of being swept into happily-ever-after in the sculpted arms of a billionaire. Jada knows the truth, that rich men want supermodels, actresses and heiresses. They don’t want women from small towns with smaller bank accounts, women who lead normal, ordinary lives like Jada.

Then the day arrives when Jada awakes to find a swarm of reporters outside her house. They want the scoop on her secret marriage to Ian Buckley, one of the wealthiest, most sought-after bachelors in the country. Jada is dumbfounded. She has no idea what they’re talking about, but they’re too busy jostling for the scoop to listen to her.

Ian Buckley, billionaire and man-in-charge, couldn’t be more surprised when he’s told that a marriage license was leaked to the press proving he married someone named Jada Howarth. He’s never heard of her, and he definitely doesn’t remember marrying her. Either he’s lost his wits, or someone’s out to make a fool of him.

When Ian sees the disheveled, lovely Jada on TV, peeking out her door in horror at the press crushing her lawn, he’s confident she’s not behind the scam. He’ll have to meet her to be certain. Men should probably meet their wives, anyway, shouldn’t they?

It’ll be fun getting to the bottom of this fiasco. Perhaps some time together at his lakeside estate will do the trick. 

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