Monday, April 20, 2015

Tuesday Tales Picture word Prompt- #ASMSG #IARTG

Welcome to Tuesday Tales- This week we are using a picture as our prompt- it isn't part of a book just a short piece inspired by the picture

Mary stopped her Junker of a car at the familiar turnoff. Sweat poured off her body as her heart jammed into her throat. Was it a good idea? The same question repeatedly ran through her mind. Grabbing the steering wheel, until her knuckles turned white, she glanced into the back seat where sweet baby James slept.

What type of reception would she get? Her parents scurried her out of town as soon as she confessed her pregnancy. They’d sent her to live with her aunt and planned for her to place the child for adoption. It’d been hell living with Aunt Trixie. She was one mean, spiteful woman who treated her as though she’d committed a mortal sin. There had been many days, when Trixie made her scrub floors on her hands and knees.

Mary turned onto Country road number seven and drove into town. The people of the town always compared themselves to Mayberry, a fictional town of a TV show. Little did they know they were quite the opposite. Hypocrites every one of them, except for Jack. Jack was as good as they came and he probably hated her for leaving. Her parents shuffled her out of town without allowing her to say goodbye. No internet, cell phone, mail or telephone allowed.

Baby James began to fuss until he began full-blown wailing. It was feeding time. Pulling off to the side of the road, she got into the back seat and lifted James. She’d just uncovered her breast when a car stopped behind her and Jack knocked on the window and opened the door. Quickly she fumbled to cover herself.

“Thank God you still have the baby.”

“You knew?” 

“I know your body and your heart. I knew you’d be back, my love.”

Tears rolled down her face.

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  1. Oh my, what a wonderful excerpt!

  2. A new story! Love this man, Jack. Sounds like a real Cinderella story. Looking forward to more.

  3. Aww beautiful .... loved it! Hopefully one day we get to read a little bit more about the two.

  4. Love it. I sure wouldn't want to live in this version of Mayberry. Poor girl. Things are looking up a little by the end of the snippet!