Monday, March 16, 2015

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The Word Prompt this Week is RANDOM
Welcome to Tuesday Tales 
This is a continuation of my Mountain Man Historical Novel

Both of his guests were sleeping he couldn’t help but watch them. What to make of the whole situation he had no idea. Samantha, so positive of her story and Brian very convincible about his. The boy had the same coloring as Samantha. Blood would always tell. It was a saying he’d heard repeatedly. It was the very reason he lived away from the rest of the world. He’d lived in so-called polite society most of his life but as soon as his da died, he took off. There wasn’t anything or anyone in town for him. People liked his da well enough but their good will didn’t extend to his half-breed son. 

No sense bemoaning his past. He like Brian was just an innocent lad. No one would lay another hand on the boy. No one helped him, but he’ll do the right thing and help someone who couldn’t defend himself. 

Grabbing his bedroll from the corner, behind his pile of furs, he lay it out in front of the fireplace and lay on it. Sleep came easier than anticipated.

The sounds of whispers woke him with a start and quick as lightening he was on his feet. His face heated at the startled expressions on Samantha and Brian’s faces. “Sorry, I forgot you were here. It’s good to be fast on your feet out here.”

Samantha nodded but Brian’s brows furrowed. Poor kid probably had to be fast on his feet to try to avoid random beatings. Though it didn’t appear, he’d been successful. His eyes narrowed and he shook his head. How could his ma allow it to happen? Many women were afraid of their husbands and were beaten too but Samantha wasn’t full of marks on her body.

She hadn’t asked about him undressing her when he rescued her and put her to bed and it was just as well. It would have made for some awkward conversation. It was an image he couldn’t forget. 

She was beautiful, the type of woman who would never allow him to touch her. 

“Good Morning! If you’ll move you things from the fireplace I’ll make us some tea and breakfast.”

He closed his eyes—a morning person he wasn’t but apparently Samantha was extra cheery in the morning. After he folded up his bedroll and put it back in the corner, he pulled on his boots and grabbed his coat. “I need to… I’m going to get more wood and water.”

“You’re leaving?” Brian’s eyes widened and he wrapped his arms around his middle.

 “Really, I’ll be as quick as I can.”

Brian nodded and Samantha leaned down, putting her arms around his small frame. “You can help me cook.”

He nodded again but he didn’t take his gaze off Patrick.

“Go on.” She moved her hand as if waving him out the door.

Once outside, he paused and looked back at the cabin. So much for solitude. It was a shame the poor boy didn’t trust anyone. It was one of those life lessons learned the hard way. He hoped Solomon was out there frozen to death. No, death was too easy; he hoped the bastard was suffering in the blizzard without food or shelter. He made his way to the barn and Ahearn snorted in greeting.

“Guess we’re going to have a few extra mouths to feed for a bit. Samantha is too bright and happy. I mean she brightens the place up but I’m used to gloomy silence. And the boy, if someone doesn’t teach him to trust soon, he may never trust anyone.”

Ahern butted his shoulder with his nose. “I know, old boy, just like me. Looks like it’s going to be snowshoes for a while. The snow is getting too deep for me to take you with me. Wish I was alone, I’d hunt down that thieving Solomon and get my furs back, but I promised I’d stay around. Glad a have you to talk to.” He patted Ahern’s muscled flank and walked toward the cabin. He’d stick around for the day but starting tomorrow, he had traps to check. 
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