Monday, January 19, 2015

You Can't Help but Fall in Love with the Hunky Hero, Garrett O'Neill. #cowboy #lostbooks


Callie Daniels was home.

Her heart fluttered as she stepped on the porch of the achingly familiar ranch house. Each lonely night as she finished college, she'd longed for this ranch, the sounds, the smells, the feel of the earth under her feet. Yet her longing didn't stop there. She longed for the man inside the house. The man she'd fallen in love with as a tiny girl, shadowing his every move. She'd finally come home to him.

Now her real life could begin. Inhaling, she smelled the sweet Texas grass as excitement filled her. Yet she hesitated., Would he have changed? She hadn't seen him in months. They hadn't spent last Christmas together, he'd forgotten her birthday, and most puzzling, he hadn't attended her graduation. Not knowing what to think, Callie gave him the benefit of the doubt. Ranching always came first, but he'd been missed.

Admiring the improvements made to his house made her smile. They'd decided that keeping one house open was more economical. It looked grand with its new coat of white paint, and new green shutters. The door was still red. His mother had insisted a red door brought good luck. Anticipation filled her as she opened the door and walked in. It always seemed such a cheery house, with lots of windows to invite in the bright Texas sun. A sense of peace came over her as she walked down the hall, until she walked into the living room. Speechless, she froze at the door.

He sat on the couch with a black haired beauty in his arms. They didn't notice her as they kissed, his hands moving through her hair. Callie watched the woman unbutton his shirt. She gasped, they looked at her and jumped up off the couch.

The dark haired woman seemed confused but Garrett O'Neill's expression changed from surprise to guilt. He quickly buttoned up his western shirt and tried to give her a smile. ''I didn't know you were coming home.''

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